Why Reputation Management is Critical For Your Business

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Source: Top Rank Blog. <http://www.toprankblog.com>

In order to preserve a company’s image in different situations, online reputation management is a must. With most user’s reading consumer reviews and initial research before they choose a business, having a good online reputation is crucial for the sale.   You may be thinking that you deliver a high quality product with superior customer service, but you may not know what information your competitors are putting out against you. Thankfully, there are some really good online managements tools that  will alert you when someone mentions your business so you can take the appropriate action.


Knowem (http://www.knowem.com for Brand Protection)

Knowem is a brand search engine tool that searches for accounts on social networks and domain site. If someone is trying to discredit your brand, this tool would be the best way to know and take action to stop them. If the person is using the brand and it is trademark, you can contact the company to see if that user is violating any terms and conditions for that sites.

Google Alerts (http://www.google.com/alerts for New Stories)

Google Alerts is a tool that alerts you based on your criteria when someone comments on you.  This is a great tool to do crisis management because as soon as the information comes out you can designate someone to address. The cool things about these tools and you get alerts so you don’t have to constantly monitor you site as rigorously.

SocialMention (http://www.socialmention.com/ for Social Media)

Social Mention is similar to Google Alerts but the main difference is that it concentrates on social media and is in real time. You can see a dashboard that has a breakdown by positive, negative, nuetral comments and their sources. It would also have the added between of SEO keyword stats and paid search stats.

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