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3 Million Fans Created – A Letter From Our CEO

I’m a former Googler, Stanford grad, Marshall Scholar, and Rhodes Scholar Finalist. I founded AES Connect in 2007 in San Francisco and since have been trusted by and delivered for major brands like Sephora, 2K Games, NuSkin, and PETA.org. We are social and mobile app specialists and I’m confident we can deliver for you and your client.

Our three most noteworthy projects are Sephora (1.7 million Fans) and Shivering Kittens for PETA (1.2 million Fans) and 2K Games (130,000 Fans). For Sephora, we produced a crowd-sourced photo-mosaic. For Shivering Kittens we produced a social Tetris-game. For 2K games we produced a social photo-contest.

The Sephora App is featured on Facebook’s Official Agency Showcase and can be reviewed here:

  1. Our Sephora App on Facebook »

In terms of our capacity, all our developers and designers are here in California, based in San Francisco. We do not outsource overseas–period. We have 10 people total with 2 full-time and 8 long-time, trusted contractors for when we need extra capacity. We are app specialists and build Facebook, iPhone, and Android apps. For any project you build with us, I would be overseeing development and serving as your point of contact.

I am confident we can deliver for you.

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Top 7 Reasons To Choose Us As Your Facebook, iPhone, and Android App Developer

  1. We’re managed by a Google Engineer
  2. We’re all in California
  3. We keep your information (and your client’s information) 100% secure
  4. We’re big enough for your project (10 developers) and nimble enough to provide personal attention
  5. We never outsource
  6. We answer the phone
  7. We offer ongoing maintenance packages

About AES Connect App Development

Established in 2007, AES Connect is trusted by national brands like Sephora, NuSkin, and 2K Games and relied upon by dozens of agencies for expert white label work. Its founder and CEO, Mark Otuteye, is a former Googler and Stanford graduate who leads a San-Francisco-based team of 10 developers, designers, and project managers to deliver spectacular apps and white-glove service. We never out-source. We answer the phone. We scale on the cloud. We’re your Facebook App Developer. And we’re a long term partner for the future.

About Our CEO

Mark Otuteye is a CEO of AES Connect, a leading San Francisco-based provider of world-class Facebook Apps, Facebook Fan Pages, Facebook Connect, and Facebook Credits Apps. Prior to his role at AESConnect, Mark was a software engineer at Google who launched a system for improving aspects of Google AdWords. Mark has a passion for language and developed patent-pending technology for automatically categorizing and grading standardized essays. Mark graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University where he was a Marshall Scholar and Rhodes Scholar Finalist.