Social Media ROI

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What is Social Media ROI

It is how marketers use social media to calculate their return on investment

How Current Marketers Measure Success

As marketers find new ways to publicize their products, there is a growing need to understand how social media can be profitable for their company. Most marketers find it increasingly difficult to quantify success in these ad campaigns. Some will measure success based on the likes, followers or share count. While others will use last click attribution as a benchmark. There are pros and cons of each method because there is not a consistent correlation of user interaction and sales. Even with the last click attribution, you don’t understand how the user got the purchase page.

There needs to software that can take the user interaction coupled with chain of clicks to accurately show a user’s activity. In doing this, the marketers will have a complete pictures of what marketing efforts are leading to increase sales.

Social Media ROI Infographic

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