How To Optimize Facebook Ads

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With all the advertisements that the average internet customer sees, how does one make their ads standout?  Are there some tricks to the trade that increases click through rate and conversation percentage? With 600 million users, Facebook is prime real estate to advertise your company if used effectively. The optimization of Facebook ads consists of the 3 easy steps

1) Utilize Facebook Insights

The only way to know if you Facebook ads are doing well is to have a check and balances to makes sure you are getting a good ROI. Facebook Insights solves this problem and gives near time results. So if you were testing 4 different ads with different text advertisement, you could monitor and adjust if necessary.

2) Filtering your Target Market Effectively

Facebook does an excellent job on give the customers a chance to filter their ads to reach the right audience.  By using the Facebook Insights while running several trials in different filters, the customers could change underperforming ads to the ads that were working.

3) Make your ad more appealing by using engaging text

You must think of a way to make what your offering or selling more appealing to the user to buy. It can be something related to what you have to offer, controversial,  or an discount to move them to click the button.

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