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Facebook Game Development

AES Connect does social games. Whether you want a puzzle game, card game, action game, role-playing game, virtual world, or custom game designed–we have the capacity and experience to deliver for you. The social gaming marketing is exploding with over 1 billion social gamers globally and nearly $15 billion in revenue generated from social games each year in the United States alone. Let our game development team take you from concept to viral success on Facebook. Need help understanding monetization? We walk you through the options from Facebook Credits to CPA ad-networks, to in-game video ads and more. And we stand by our games with ongoing hosting and maintenance agreements so you can add new levels and features as your game audience grows. Ask us for a quote today!

Why Develop a Facebook Game?

  1. Branded Facebook Games Engage Turn Players Into Customers: Facebook games attract a huge audience that you can use to generate revenue through a variety of monetization options which we will walk you through.
  2. Make the Most of Viral Marketing: Facebook games play a huge part in today’s viral marketing. Friends tell friends which dramatically increases your game’s audience.
  3. Get In Early: With Google+ set to allow games as well, it’s never been a better time to get into the social game market with a Facebook game which we can later help you expand onto Google+.

Top 6 Reasons To Choose AES

  1. We’re managed by a Google Engineer
  2. We’re all in California
  3. We keep your information (and your client’s information) 100% secure
  4. We’re big enough for your project (10 developers) and nimble enough to provide personal attention
  5. We never outsource
  6. We offer ongoing maintenance packages

Did You Know You Can…

  1. Discover how we work with your idea…
  2. Call FREE at 1-888-433-6086
  3. Email us at sales@aesconnect.com
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