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Facebook Connect Integration

Add like buttons that trigger real actions on your site or on Facebook. Add a social “wall” to your page where users can add comments and post them to Facebook. Add a recent activity stream to your site. Integrate your Facebook fan page into your existing website. Have your users invite Facebook friends to your site, from your site. Let AES Connect design a custom Facebook Connect integration for you in which your users can sign-in using Facebook Connect, vote with like buttons, invite friends, post back to Facebook, see a list of Facebook friends who are also members of your site and much much more. When you need a blue “Connect With Facebook” button on your site, with all of the power that entails, you need AES Connect’s Facebook Connect Integration Service.

Why Add Facebook Connect To Your Website?

  1. Access over 1 billion users:
    Facebook will have over 1 billion users by 2013. When you add Facebook Connect to your site, you take advantage of built in audience.
  2. Make the Most of Word of Mouth Marketing: Users can post actions they take on your website back into the Facebook newsfeed where it can be discovered by friends.
  3. Generate More Traffic to Your Website: Create awareness of your brand and your website through Facebook connect and viral marketing.

View some of our Facebook Applications below…

  • Monkey See Monkey Do2K GamesPromotion app that allowed users to upload their photo and add icons from the Carnival Games video game.
  • Red Haute LipsSephoraThis app allowed users to add their lips to a large mosaic which would then be auctioned off for charity.

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