Top Social Gaming Companies (other than Zynga)

If someone would have told you in the late nineties that Google would be the search engine leader, few would have probably believed you. In businesses it only takes only paradigm shift to change your position  from the market leader to the market follower. Zynga has made a big impact in your how we play games online by developing great games that offer highly engagement. Their business model has made them profitable and cemented their dominance in social gaming currently.  On the horizon there are three social gaming companies that  are catching up fast.

Electronic Arts (

Started in 1982, EA is no stranger to game market but they are making a presence in Facebook game arena. Their popular games are Madden NFL Superstars, Monopoly and World Series Superstars . Their monthly active users is 35.8 million and their yearly revenue is 137.5 million dollars.
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Monetizing Your Facebook App With SuperRewards

With the rising cost of Facebook application development, developers are always searching for better ways to monetize their Facebook application. With a new solutions to engage and entice users, SuperRewards is a company that specializes in providing software to developers to monetize their Facebook Application. With a rich API, it makes integration seamless with your current Facebook application. SuperRewards provides access to 10,000+ Advertisers & Brands, worldwide coverage, and 200 million impressions daily. This platform gives users a chance to earn in-game points and points by completing a survey, watching a video or subscribing to an online service.  With the highly targeted ad places, this framework allows the developer to capitalizes on user’s gameplay. The users can win prizes  for their efforts and provide profit to the developer.

Below are several key products they offer developers different ways to monetize their Facebook application.
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Why Reputation Management is Critical For Your Business

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In order to preserve a company’s image in different situations, online reputation management is a must. With most user’s reading consumer reviews and initial research before they choose a business, having a good online reputation is crucial for the sale.   You may be thinking that you deliver a high quality product with superior customer service, but you may not know what information your competitors are putting out against you. Thankfully, there are some really good online managements tools that  will alert you when someone mentions your business so you can take the appropriate action.

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How To Make Your Facebook App Go Viral

Below are some of the emerging best practices for sharing on Facebook.

Like-Gating or Fan-Gating

While it may seem off-putting to make someone like an app before they can use it, in practice, like-gating is a low barrier to entry for users and features high click-through rates for brands. In study after study, like-gating just works. And like-gating is the only Facebook-approved “registration” method for running a promotion on a Facebook Page.

Self-Posting or Posting To Your Own Wall

If it’s obvious that you may post something to the user’s wall, it’s OK to do it without asking. In practice, there basically does not exist a quiz on Facebook that doesn’t post your results to your wall in some way shape or form. Users are so used to this that it’s OK not to prompt in this case. You’ll get more viral boost with an automatic self-post and it’s definitely a best practice for viral apps.
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How To Monetize Your Facebook App

With 700 million+ users, Facebook has the audience your app needs. Monetizing your Facebook app is as important as building it in the first place. Facebook offers two internal ways of making money such as Facebook Ads and Facebook credits. These tools can help the business sell their products, market other products and do affiliate marketing.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook ads, you can promote your product, affiliate products, build an email list, and generate leads through  Facebook Ads.

For more information:

Facebook  Credits

With Facebook credits, you can charge a user for providing them a service through Facebook.
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iPhone Apps vs Android Apps: Why You Need Both

As more users start using the mobile devices to get more information on businesses, it becomes clear that a mobile presence is needed to target this market. With customers using both Android and Apple phones, a company must develop for both to make sure that they don’t lose market share on the device they don’t support. By integrating these applications in to  the company’s marketing strategy, the can reach more users and offer more creative ways to entice their user to buy.

New Revenue Streams

With Android Admob and Apple iAd advertising platforms. A company could design an app that offers a services that most user with want. The benefit to the business is the revenue they would get by service ads. Additionally, they would be add to purchase products from their mobile device through the company’s mobile app.
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Why You Should Not Outsource Your App

Given the current state of the economy, companies are seeking more cost effective ways to do business.  Some companies has outsource the customer service department to countries like India, Philippines and China with mixed results. This trend is shifting to web and mobile application development where companies are shifting their projects overseas hoping to get a cheaper price but a quality product. While they may  get a better cost as far as development is concerned, certain factors may affect the overall cost for the long haul. These factors include increase management costs, quality, privacy  factor.
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Google+ Will Be Huge For Business

No one can deny the Google has had the majority of internet traffic through their search engines and features they provide to the user.  In recent years, companies like Facebook and Twitter have been vying for internet market share by providing users with more social media features like friending, poking, tweeting,  following other user and the like. Google has not been a key player in this arena until now with the new product Google+. Google+ is a social media application that unifies the Google products to help users communicate more effectively taking advantage of the Google applications.  While Google+ has been released to the customers, they are planning a business version that offers richer analytics and integration with Google products such as Google Adwords. Here are some the cool new features of Google+ that business can utilize.
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Top 5 mistakes to avoid when developing a Facebook app


Making your first Facebook app is always a daunting task. There are a lot of different libraries for different languages that can be confusing. Getting a handle of the interworkings is challenging but help is on the way. Here are the 5 top mistakes to avoid when developing your Facebook app.

Ignoring Facebook Apps Dimensions

You must make sure that you designed you application with the proper dimensions. For canvas applications, the dimensions are 760px wide. For tab applications, the dimensions are 520px wide.
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