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Facebook Agency Partnerships

Are you an Agency? Let AES be your white-label partner. AES Connect is the go-to Facebook developer for WCG World, one of the largest agencies in the world. We keep your and your client’s information secure while delivering white label solutions that will allow you to get back to what you do best–building deeper client relationships. From Fan Page Integrations, to Apps, to Facebook Connect, AES Connect is a strategic partner who has delivered for major brands in the past and who can deliver for you and your clients today.

Why have a Facebook Application Partner?

  1. Branded Facebook Applications Engage Customers:
    Putting your brand out there builds user familiaraity and loyalty ensuring that your brand will come first to mind.
  2. Make the Most of Viral Marketing:Facebook applications play a huge part in today’s viral marketing. Users will see and use you app every day and keep updated on your brand with their newsfeed.
  3. Generate More Traffic to Your Website: Create awareness of your brand and your website through your facebook application and viral marketing.

Top 6 Reasons To Choose AES

  1. We’re managed by a Google Engineer
  2. We’re all in California
  3. We keep your information (and your client’s information) 100% secure
  4. We’re big enough for your project (10 developers) and nimble enough to provide personal attention
  5. We never outsource
  6. We offer ongoing maintenance packages

View some of our Facebook Applications below…

  • Monkey See Monkey Do2K GamesPromotion app that allowed users to upload their photo and add icons from the Carnival Games video game.
  • Red Haute LipsSephoraThis app allowed users to add their lips to a large mosaic which would then be auctioned off for charity.

Did You Know You Can…

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  2. Call FREE at 1-888-433-6086
  3. Email us at sales@aesconnect.com
  4. Or for the fastest service, fill out this form