Why You Should Not Outsource Your App

Given the current state of the economy, companies are seeking more cost effective ways to do business.  Some companies has outsource the customer service department to countries like India, Philippines and China with mixed results. This trend is shifting to web and mobile application development where companies are shifting their projects overseas hoping to get a cheaper price but a quality product. While they may  get a better cost as far as development is concerned, certain factors may affect the overall cost for the long haul. These factors include increase management costs, quality, privacy  factor.
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Top 5 mistakes to avoid when developing a Facebook app


Making your first Facebook app is always a daunting task. There are a lot of different libraries for different languages that can be confusing. Getting a handle of the interworkings is challenging but help is on the way. Here are the 5 top mistakes to avoid when developing your Facebook app.

Ignoring Facebook Apps Dimensions

You must make sure that you designed you application with the proper dimensions. For canvas applications, the dimensions are 760px wide. For tab applications, the dimensions are 520px wide.
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The Future of the Web HTML5

Any web developer will tell you that staying on top on the new web trends is an constant struggle.  With every new browser that gains sustainable market share, it  becomes a  browser that needs to be supported. With the advent of Html5, a lot of inconsistencies in the HTML 4 Specification gets addressed. Html5 provides a better structure for markup, local storage, a native video and audio player and geolocation.
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