How To Optimize Facebook Ads

With all the advertisements that the average internet customer sees, how does one make their ads standout?  Are there some tricks to the trade that increases click through rate and conversation percentage? With 600 million users, Facebook is prime real estate to advertise your company if used effectively. The optimization of Facebook ads consists of the 3 easy steps

1) Utilize Facebook Insights

The only way to know if you Facebook ads are doing well is to have a check and balances to makes sure you are getting a good ROI. Facebook Insights solves this problem and gives near time results. So if you were testing 4 different ads with different text advertisement, you could monitor and adjust if necessary.
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Monetizing Your Facebook App With SuperRewards

With the rising cost of Facebook application development, developers are always searching for better ways to monetize their Facebook application. With a new solutions to engage and entice users, SuperRewards is a company that specializes in providing software to developers to monetize their Facebook Application. With a rich API, it makes integration seamless with your current Facebook application. SuperRewards provides access to 10,000+ Advertisers & Brands, worldwide coverage, and 200 million impressions daily. This platform gives users a chance to earn in-game points and points by completing a survey, watching a video or subscribing to an online service.  With the highly targeted ad places, this framework allows the developer to capitalizes on user’s gameplay. The users can win prizes  for their efforts and provide profit to the developer.

Below are several key products they offer developers different ways to monetize their Facebook application.
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How To Monetize Your Facebook App

With 700 million+ users, Facebook has the audience your app needs. Monetizing your Facebook app is as important as building it in the first place. Facebook offers two internal ways of making money such as Facebook Ads and Facebook credits. These tools can help the business sell their products, market other products and do affiliate marketing.

Facebook Ads

With Facebook ads, you can promote your product, affiliate products, build an email list, and generate leads through  Facebook Ads.

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Facebook  Credits

With Facebook credits, you can charge a user for providing them a service through Facebook.
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