Top Social Gaming Companies (other than Zynga)

If someone would have told you in the late nineties that Google would be the search engine leader, few would have probably believed you. In businesses it only takes only paradigm shift to change your position  from the market leader to the market follower. Zynga has made a big impact in your how we play games online by developing great games that offer highly engagement. Their business model has made them profitable and cemented their dominance in social gaming currently.  On the horizon there are three social gaming companies that  are catching up fast.

Electronic Arts (

Started in 1982, EA is no stranger to game market but they are making a presence in Facebook game arena. Their popular games are Madden NFL Superstars, Monopoly and World Series Superstars . Their monthly active users is 35.8 million and their yearly revenue is 137.5 million dollars.
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