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About AES Connect Development

Established in 2007, AES Connect is trusted by national brands like Sephora, NuSkin, and 2K Games and relied upon by dozens of agencies for expert white
label work.
Its founder and CEO, Mark Otuteye, is a former Googler and Stanford graduate who leads a San-Francisco-based team of 10 developers, designers, and project managers to deliver spectacular apps and white-glove service. We never out-source. We answer the phone. We scale on the cloud. We’re your app developer. And we’re a long term partner for the future.

Our Team

AES Connect features 2 full-time staff and 8 long-time trusted contractors for when we need extra capacity. We’re a friendly, sincere, hard-working bunch who consistently deliver above and beyond. Meet the team below.

Mark Otuteye

Mark Otuteye | Founder & CEO

Mark Otuteye is a CEO of AES Connect, a leading San Francisco-based provider of world-class Facebook and mobile app development. Prior to his role at AES Connect, Mark was a software engineer at Google who launched a system for improving aspects of Google AdWords. Mark has a passion for language and developed  a patent-pending technology for automatically categorizing and grading standardized essays. Mark graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University where he was a Marshall Scholar and Rhodes Scholar Finalist.

Steve Reed

Steve Reed | Software Engineer

Steve Reed is a software engineer at AES Connect. Prior to AES Connect, Steve worked at several interactive agencies and web development companies. Always technically-minded, Steve first developed a taste for programming in high school when he created software that transformed his TI-83 into a fully featured physics calculator with dozens of additional features. Steve received his Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science from the University of California at Irvine.

Kelly Hoadley
Kelly Tackman | Art Director

Kelly Tackman brings over 10 years of experience in web and print design to AES Connect. As Art Director for AES Connect, Kelly creates interactive designs for Facebook apps, iPhone games, innovative websites, and CMS systems. She has extensive experience in corporate branding, illustration, print design and visual merchandising and specializes in web design. Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from California State University, Long Beach.

Top 7 Reasons To Choose Us As Your Facebook, iPhone, and Android App Developer

  1. We’re managed by a Google Engineer
  2. We’re all in California
  3. We keep your information (and your client’s information) 100% secure
  4. We’re big enough for your project (10 developers) and nimble enough to provide personal attention
  5. We never outsource
  6. We answer the phone
  7. We offer ongoing maintenance packages

Got a Question?

  1. Call FREE at 1-888-433-6086
  2. Email us at sales@aesconnect.com
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Core Purpose

To empower 1 million entrepreneurs and agencies to achieve their goals in social and mobile media.


To create a global app platform that empowers 1 million entrepreneurs and agencies to grow their business with apps that allow them to be personal, prompt, and professional in an automated way.

Core Values


Don’t email if you can call. Don’t call if you can do it face to face. Create experiences that touch people on a human level. In the digital age of anonymity, treating others with human decency is a precious currency.


Call the client back right away. Sacrifice yourself to meet the deadline. Promptness builds trust. Trust is everything.


Each day, look professional. Speak professionally. Deliver professional results. Be honest, trustworthy, and sincere in your business dealings.

Got a Question?

  1. Call FREE at 1-888-433-6086
  2. Email us at sales@aesconnect.com
  3. Or for the fastest service, fill out this form