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Get App Development From a Proven Team

In 2007, a former Google engineer and Stanford grad teamed up with a brilliant designer and web developer to create AES Connect, a California-based app development agency on a mission to provide eye-popping apps and eye-opening service.

But don’t take our word for it  – Listen to our customers…

“AES Connect is the epitome of customer service”
–Mike Adams, CEO at LiveCosmo

“Mark is very, very smart”
–Andrea Lunsford, Stanford Professor

“…their work was first rate and on time.“
–Carlo Salerno, Director of Business at ESM Chaperone

…but the best compliment comes from Sephora, who trusted us to design and develop their Facebook app for over 1.7 million fans

International health and beauty company Sephora chose AES Connect’s Facebook app development for a major promotion. The app allowed users to add their lips to a large mosaic which would then be auctioned off for charity, benefiting Beauty Bus. The app had to be beautiful, viral, and executed flawlessly.

Check it out… (Click pics to enlarge)

Did you know you could increase the chance of your app’s success dramatically by insisting on a better project manager?

Your project manager is the guy who translates your business goals into technical speak for your developers. He’s the guy who answers your calls, reassures you, explains things, and cracks the whip to make sure deadlines are met. The better this guy is, the better your app will be. So it’s key to get the best project management you can. At AES Connect, your project manager will be Mark, a former Google engineer. Here are some more things to watch out for during development…

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid During App Development…

  1. Common Mistake 1:
    Outsourcing your app to India or Pakistan without understanding how loose intellectual property laws and poor communication can destroy your app development efforts. Even if a company’s sales office is in the U.S., make sure to ask “do the developers who will work on my app actually live in the U.S?”
  2. Common Mistake 2:
    Choosing a big “app mill” to create your app. If your app development company has hundreds of developers, the “good” developers will be busy working on huge clients while the junior developers will be assigned to your project.
  3. Common Mistake 3:
    Not thinking about maintenance upfront. App platforms like Facebook, Apple App Store, and Android Marketplace change all the time. Make sure that your developer is someone you want to work with long-term for maintenance and they have an ongoing monthly package to protect your investment for the long run.
  4. Common Mistake 4:
    Trying to design your Facebook app or mobile app on your own. Social apps feature sophisticated interaction flows and should be designed by professional designers with a proven track records of user interaction experience
  5. Common Mistake 5:
    Not thinking about scalability from the start. Do you know what happens if 10,000 fans try to access your app all at once? Make sure your app developer has a scalable cloud strategy for your Facebook app or mobile app from the start.
  6. Common Mistake 6: 
    Hiring a team that can’t communicate well. If your app team can’t communicate well with you on the phone or through email, then how will your idea get communicated correctly to your customers?

…And How To Solve Them

  1. Solution 1:
    Get the best possible project management you can afford. The project manager is the “guy who speaks both English (for you) and geek-speak (for the engineer)”. If this guy isn’t good, your app will suck. At AES, your project manager is a former Google Engineer.
  2. Solution 2:
    Make sure that everyone who will work on your project is in the same timezone. Insist on knowing where the engineers actually live who will be working on your code. At AES, We’re all in California
  3. Solution 3:
    Make sure your “app guys” have a “design gal” who does beautiful design. At AES, our design gal Kelly designs so well, even the design-obsessed Sephora was pleased.
  4. Solution 4:
    Watch out for unscrupulous intellectual property (IP). Basically, don’t do business in a country where you don’t understand the IP laws. At AES, we keep your information (and your client’s information) 100% secure and secret–and we’ve been keeping it secret since 2007.
  5. Solution 5:
    Make sure your app develop isn’t too tiny–but also not too big. If the company is too big, “junior developers” will end up working on your project. At AES, we’re big enough for your project (10 developers) and nimble enough to provide personal attention.
  6. Solution 6:
    Make sure there is ongoing maintenance on your app. At AES, we offer maintenance packages to help fix problem *before* they come up.


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